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Approch the pulse to the smartphone

Sharp technology,
sleek design

8-gram advanced tracker
Large OLED touch screen

LED heart rate and SPO₂ sensor

  • 4,3cm Height
  • 2,2cm Width
  • 0,8cm Depth
  • 8g Weight

Unique versatile form factor


Flash it or hide it! The Pulse O₂ adapts to your style: slap it on your wrist, drop it in your bag or sport it anywhere you want using the clip.

Reach your goals

Moving through your day

The Withings Pulse can help us all be more active. It captures steps, burned calories, elevation climbed and distance traveled.


Alex received some insight about his recent activity.

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Julie has just passed her best friend on the leaderboard.

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Eric has cumulated 620 miles and earned the Java Island badge.

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Today 12:05


7,3 hours of sleep

  • 4896 Steps

  • 4896 km Distance

  • 4896 m Elevation

  • 4896 Calories

  • 4896 BPM

  • 4896 % Oxygen